Barking Dog Productions® and Zipper Head Films was born from the love of photography and movies, with an objective of creating new experiences using these two medias.

My goal is to share the experiences of my life, the people I have met, and the things I have seen, through the lens of a camera. The challenge and the purpose of this website is to provide a visual story of those experiences; one that can truly express the splendor of what we have seen though my eyes.

In achieving this goal, it has required the support and collaboration from others in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my daughter Katie who is the true inspiration of my success.

I also need to thank my good friend Mikeal Benoit of Wicked Famous Productions. He has provided me with inspiration during our project collaboration through his unique perspective on life, as well as his creative vision. Some of the video projects that you will see on this website are a result of this mutual collaboration.

Just remember everywhere you go, and every person you meet is just another example of that splendor. To personally enjoy these same sort of experiences you just need to take note, snap a picture of your surroundings as you travel through each day.

I’m always looking for the next subject and challenge, is it you.


welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

A truly successful person doesn’t take credit for all that has been accomplished, because true success can only be achieved through collaboration.